Choosing to make a commitment to yourself, your health, and your body is a big life change that can be intimidating, but check out all of these Kelly O. clients who were once in the same position as you!

Carolyn C.

Program Purchased: One-on-One Personal Training
3-weeks In Between Photos!

Aimee B.

Program Purchased: Package Three

"Not only has Kelly helped me transform my body, but she helped me transform my life. I mentally and physically changed by life thanks to her."

Scott B.

Program Purchased: Package Two

Lost 25 lbs. in 30 days!

Fationa M.

Programs Purchased: Package one & Package three

"She helped me lose the weight I couldn’t lose, eat the food I was afraid to eat and in turn without even realizing it she became one of the most influential people for molding the positive mindset that I have now: that I am a warrior, that I am strong, that we have to work hard to get what we want in life, that we need dedication and consistency and strength, that we will fall and we may fail but we can always get back up. That is the kind of role Kelly plays in your life and without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. "

Fationa lost over 50 lbs!

Aida V.

Program Purchased: Package Three

In twelve short weeks, Aida lost 7 lbs. and 6.25", sculpting her body into an even more beautiful, stronger, healthier bombshell for her moment as a bride!"

Kelly C.

Programs Purchased: Package three

Kelly lost over 70 lbs!

What Kelly O. Clients Are Saying

  • Andrew C.
    Kelly really understood my needs when tailoring my program! I had a horrible addiction to Oreo cookies and slurpees. One day I woke up covered in crumbs and code red mountain dew and said enough is enough! Then I found Kelly and she told me something I will never forget! "The body achieves what the mind believes"... Not only am I learning how to eat right, ride a bike and work out I'm also learning how to curve my addiction from seven slurpees a day to just two! I feel great thanks Kelly!
    Andrew C.
  • Caitlin P.
    Kelly not only pushes me to my full potential, but motivates and inspires me every workout. I've been training with Kelly on and off since 2015 and she has always been a great coach, a great motivator and a wonderful friend. Kelly targets every muscle for an intense workout. I never leave feeling like I didn't accomplish my workout goals. And she always improvises my workouts if I pull a muscle or cannot lift as much. Overall, she deserves a 10 star but the rating only goes up to 5
    Caitlin P.
  • Danielle L.
    I began working with Kelly 1.5 months ago and I could not be happier with the results I have experienced. Kelly helped me not only shift my composition, she's also taught me how to think about food and use it as the tool that it is to get the results I want. Since working with her, I get to eat more food than I have ever imagined while drastically shifting my body composition. She's made it easy, manageable and fun. Kelly makes herself available for quick or involved questions, is super sweet and so intelligent. I never believed food would be anything to me other than something to restrict, control and be worried about. No longer. Not only has my body changed, my mentality about food has changed as well and it is so freeing. I am so grateful to have found her. Thank you Kelly!
    Danielle L.
  • Eden E.
    Kelly will lift you up and inspire you, all the while creating awesome workout and fitness routines that are right for your lifestyle! Not to mention the great recipes and food prep that she helps you incorporate into your daily life! Get ready, because when you choose Kelly O. Fitness, you’re choosing to change your life for the better!
    Eden E.